Saturday, October 15, 2011

Now I love my knitting room AND bedroom

I've wanted to change my bedroom from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom for a long time but knew it was going to be a horrible job.  Luckily I had several friends who offered to help me and I took one of them up on the job.   TG I did that, it really was a nightmare.  First we moved all the furniture out of the master--to the living room.  A horrible job because the master bedroom is in the back of the house and this house is shaped like a house trailer, a rectangle with the bedroom all the way back and the living room all the way up front.   (well its probably not that far but when an old lady starts shoving furniture with the help of an old man, it seems like a long way).   Second we moved the furniture from the guest room to the master.   Those 2 jobs took us all day.  That night I slept on the futon now residing in the master/new knitting room.  I was so tired I didn't bother to let it down to the a bed, I just plopped on it and slept. 
Next day we moved things from the living room to guest room, now my bedroom.   I measured everything first to make sure it would all fit, luckily it did.   It looks great, I love my new bedroom, its a little quieter and darker which is fine, who cares when you're sleeping.   I left all my clothes in the closet because that would take a week to switch although it would be handier if I did but who cares? I can go back and get dressed, use the vanity in the back and then get on with my day.  Some day I may tackle the closets.  Maybe when the painter arrives (yes I've hired a guy to paint but it will be winter before he does that because he's a carpenter by trade, not a painter).  I'm not in any hurry because the guest closet has all my knitting, weaving and spinning stuff in it.  Needless to say I may never do it. Here's some pictures of the new room, starting at the door and going around to the left:

cover not finished, obviously
After moving all that furniture, I hand knitted a couple birds, hated to mess up the KM room so quick. The Bluebird came from a knitting shop in Federal Way, WA, the white bird was same pattern, different yarn and of course, different color.   The blue bird was a kit called "Bluebird of Happiness"  Now that I have a white bird too I'm calling them "Birds of Happiness" and plan on making a blackbird next if the LYS has black furry yarn.