Friday, July 7, 2017


 Trying to de-stash, I really have to pare down my yarn stash before I move again.  All yarn  has been in a smoke-free home.  The prices do not include shipping via UPS.  PLEASE EMAIL ME @   Send me your choice of yarns along with your address and I'll get back to you ASAP with shipping costs.  Email me @  I will remove sold yarn as soon as the sale is complete.   PayPal only please.

Tamm Rayito, 73% Acrylic, 27% Nylon Fiber, 1-1 lb cone color 3270 Navy

Tamm Estillo 1-1 lb cone 60% Acrylic 40% Polymide, color 3170 Navy

Nomis Beacon Hill Acrylic/Nylon 1 lb cone # 1230 Deep Water Blue $15

Bramwell Duomagic, 100% Acrylic  Baby Blue Knits as a 4-ply  $15

Yeoman Yarns  Acrylic Cotton Color Sky 3, slightly over 1 lb cone
Not sure where I bought this, its thicker than Panama but should knit on the standard machine at a higher tension or on the mid gauge at a medium tension.   $10

Yeoman white, 50% acrylic 50% cotton 1 lb cone $15.00

Yeoman Panama Cotton/Acrylic Color "Peony"  1 lb cone  $20.00

 Bramwell Artistic/ Acrylic Black 4 ply 1 lb cone $12.00

Diamante look-alike unknown content (suspect acrylic) 1 lb 12.5 ozs $20.00

Tamm Diamante Color 1901 White, $12.00

Bramwell Artistic, 1 lb ea, white 2 separate dye  lots  $12.50 each