Friday, July 4, 2008

Packing is done!

I do believe I've pretty much finished packing about all I can pack by myself. The loft is looking pretty deserted about now. I took the pegs out of the cone trees (1st picture on left) and sorted all my CDs into groups of knitting, embroidery, programs and backups and put them in those plastic containers you see next to the cone trees. There is some things like the ball winder that I have to leave out for obvious reasons. In the second picture you can see poor Raggedy Ann and Andy (made by Villie in Florida) they need to go into a box but I really hate to stuff them into a box so they get to stay out and keep me company. The 3rd picture on the right is where I housed my embroidery machine. The stand is easily put back out so if I do want to use the machine I can unpack it and use it.

My LK 150 isn't packed yet either I need to leave something out so I'll have something to do in my spare time. I've been packing in the hot part of the day because I have to tend to the yard when its cool out in the a.m. and in the evenings I plop in front of the TV because I can't stand to go outside when the bugs come out. Unfortunately Biscuit is NOT a morning dog, he sleeps all day until about the time I plop and then he wants to go outside and play. Good Grief, I didn't know dogs were morning dogs or evenings dogs. I've tried everything to change his sleeping hours but nothing works. He won't even eat until my supper time. See him in the picture? He's comfy on the couch pillows watching me work. Lazy Dog!

Time to wake up Biscuit. We're on our way to my brother-in-laws today for a 4th of July Picnic. Have a great 4th weekend everyone!