Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Leaves at their peak of glory in Upstate SC

Just look at the beautiful view I get when I drive out my road. It was so pretty yesterday, today I took my camera and drove all around our valley just to look at the sights. No matter where you go from the middle of the valley this is what you see.

And here's a picture of my house, looking toward the back of the property which actually goes up a mountain too.

You can see the sun is bright today, its 68 degrees out, Biscuit and I have been out all day fooling around with the pond (he's walking around trying to figure out what it is jumping in the pond just ahead of him (its frogs).

Just a little later I'm going to go out just before the sun goes down behind the mountain in front of the house. Yesterday afternoon this same view was breathtaking about that time.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spiral Scarf

I looked around the internet to find a scarf to match my spiral hat and this is what I found (at I started it last night and finished it this morning. 11 rows total. Hand knitted because you start out with 110 stitches and increase every stitch row2, 5 and row 9, the other rows you knit. How simple is that? Problem is, unless you have a 40" circular needle, you're in trouble because you end up with 873 stitches on your needle. I ran out of yarn last row so found some white fuzzy yarn that I thought would look pretty nifty on it and after I bound off with the fuzzy yarn I decided to crochet on the cast on row with the same yarn. . later I took out the white, didn't like it near as much as I thought because it doesn't really match the hat with the white and the hat doesn't need the white, it would hide the direction of the spirals changing at the top of the cuff. The silly thing sticks together if you just give the 2 ends a twist so you don't have to tie it or anything if you don't want to. If I ever made another one I might cast on about 90 stitches so the end result would be shorter but I love how it twists.