Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Visiting the Grand Rapids Area Machine Knitters Club

Tomorrow I'm going down to visit with the GRAMKC at the Kentwood (MI) Senior Center.  On the agenda is  ‘HAT SEW UP DAY” for the Kniting for Christmas Giving program.  I'll take my needle and help sew!

 Its always fun to visit with other machine knitters.   I had such a good time last month when I went down to help celebrate their anniversary.   It was a Members Only workshop with show and tell and lots of teaching.   I met up with friends I haven't seen since the last time I went down for a seminar.  

Definitely I'm going to go down more often now that I know how to get there, its a 2 1/2 hr drive down but worth it to be around machine knitters, we talk the same language.   Unfortunately winter is coming here in Northern Michigan which means I won't always get to go down, I don't like to chance a snow storm although generally the roads are pretty clear on the highways.  Still, I'm a bit leary planning trips until the day of--to make sure I'll be able to make it home.    Funny, I always drove about 30 miles to work and home again when I lived in the U.P.   There were time when I could only get home by following the car in front of me because the wind used to blow snow across the road at fever pitch up there.  I'm hoping this year will be like last year, not much snow!  

Will take pictures of (hopefully) a mountain of  hats tomorrow and put them up.    If you are a machine knitter living in Michigan, come visit the group, they meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  If your coming tomorrow, bring a needle and help sew!

You can visit the Group's web page at www.gramkc.com.  They meet on Wednesdays at 355 48th St, SE Kentwood, MI    Easy to find and fun to visit.