Friday, December 26, 2008

Great Grandson's sweater, charted with Knitware Sweaters with shaped hood. I love the sweater, you can tell he does too

Information on Knitware is at You can buy the Basic, Sweaters and Shawls and Skirts. Basic has doggie and doll patterns as well as adults basic sweaters and includes pants for all sizes. Its inexpensive and I have all 3 sets . The plus with this software is, it is written for hand knitting, machine knitting and even crochet. What a deal! Its so easy to use I haven't EVER read the tutorial (but then I'm known for not reading help files...I'd rather fumble my way around than read.....still, I haven't done a lot of fumbling with this.
(No affiliation with this software, I just like it because its easy and quick)