Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ready for Winter

2 years ago I made the crossed stitches scarf and hat. It was inspired by a DIY hand knitting show, Knitty Gritty. Someone came on and showed a scarf with the crossed stitches. I knew it could be done on the machine but couldn't figure out how until Colleen Smitherman on the LK 150 group told me she had a pattern using that stitch. She generously shared the technique with the group and I absolutely loved how it looked. I had this nifty Bernat yarn that was on clearance at Walmart and made my scarf. Then I decided I could easily make a hat using the crossed stitches technique on the brim so I made the hat. Next I made a mitten but life got in the way and I never made another mitten. Now, I've moved and lost the yarn. To make it worse, I never put a fringe on the scarf and it really needed a fringe to finish it off. So while I was looking for the yarn I dug through my bags that moved with me and found some specialty ribbon yarn. I don't even remember buying the stuff but it was the same shade of beige as the scarf and had a dark brown in with it. The yarn has the appearance of feathers and fuzzies along with the ribbon. It was perfect for the fringe, don't you think?

So with that finished, what to do for a second mitten. I decided to go get some brown yarn that matched the brown in the fringe and make a new pair. I started last week and made a pair that turned out too small. Then I made a second pair that came out too big (2 different patterns). I decided the first pair was the easiest to make so I figured out my gauge and where I needed to put more stitches and rows to make a pair that fit using the first mitten pattern. Today I sat down and tried out my revised pattern and it worked. The pattern is from Kangamooknits.com but there is a problem with the web site. Its not a free pattern so I hesitate to tell you to go to the web site, apparently it has been struck by a horrible bug of some sort. Here's a picture of my finished set, I love it and I can't wait to go to club tomorrow to show the set off.

Unlike the original mittens, I didn't do the crossed stitches on the cuff, mainly because I wasn't sure these mittens were going to fit and really, it was 29 degrees out this morning when the dog and I walked...I needed mittens TOMORROW!

Now that I look at the picture of the mittens, they look like one is longer than the other but they're exactly the same size so thought I'd better write that or you'll think I've gone totally bonkers and can't count knit rows

I'm seriously thinking about making another pair now with the crossed stitches. I made a blue scarf just like this one and never made a hat to go with it. If I do, I'll definitely make the mittens with the crossed stitches cuffs. Only thing is...I wonder where THAT yarn went???

First though, I have some dishcloths to make on my Brother 970. I haven't used that machine in almost 4 years and its time to see if it even works after being neglected for so long.