Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Flowers are Coming Up

Definitely its spring here in SC. I have been outside working in the little flower gardens in the front, removing the leaves that I left in them to keep the bulbs and roots warm over the winter. Now its time to spruce them up. The forsythia bushes have just started to bloom here in my part of the foothills and the azalea bushes have started to show some buds. I've carefully sprayed them all winter with Liquid Fence to keep the deer from eating them. I'm on my way to town and I'm going to get a picture of the pretty Bradford Pear trees that line the driveway of a local church.

Meanwhile my knitting is going nowhere.

I've been working on a scarfvest for over a month. I finally almost have it finished but am trying out different edge treatments for it. I've settled on a half double crochet done on the knitting machine (tried it by hand but my crocheting leaves a lot to be desired). Once I decided to do that I couldn't make up my mind about which yarn to use, the warp yarn or the weaving yarn. That issue is finally settled, I'm going to use the warp yarn which is lots thinner than the weaving yarn. Now I'm waiting until Thurday when its going to be cooler and raining. With 3 cool days ahead I should finish that blasted scarfvest and then its time to do some spring cleaning in the loft.

My son and family are coming down from Michigan the end of the month and my grandaughter loves to sort and organize so she's going to help me with this job that has just been way too hard for me to do alone. Why is it, the older we get, the harder it is to part with little pieces of fiber? I find something, an old magazine, a knitted swatch, a half finished sweater and off I go on another project that I tell myself I'll finish before I finish the sorting and tossing. Oh well, it keeps me going I guess--some day I may actually get the sorting and tossing done but until then I do love looking through the