Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tatted Panels-Joining Afghan Panels

Joining Your G Carriage Afghan Panels With Needle Tatting
This article was featured in Machine Knitting News and Views November, 1995.
©Rosalind Porter, 1995-2011

Your basic afghan can be any design, to do one like mine you'd want one with 3 or 4 panels but you could use the edging pattern below and just edge a baby blanket or a neckline. I chose a garter carriage afghan that was divided into 5 panels. I also tatted around the edge of my afghan but that is an optional step. I love the way it looks though and the edging I've come up with is very easy and fast to do.

Ch Chain
Rw Reverse Work
R Ring
Cl Close
Ds Double Stitch
"-" Picot
"+" Join

Needle Tatting Needle # 2-0 (smaller size Yarn needle)
Yarn: Your G Carriage Afghan Yarn

With right side of afghan facing you start at the top of first panel.
1. Chain 3ds + ( to afghan at 5th row down from top) 3 ds Cl Rw
2. R 3-3-3-3 Cl Rw
3. *Ch 3 + ( to afghan 5 rows from the last join) 3 ds Cl Rw.
4. R 3 + to first picot on last ring, 3-3-3 Rw

Repeat from * down the side of the afghan panel joining your work at the middle of each chain every 5th row ending with a chain. attached to the end to the afghan with a knot.

To join the next panel, you will be tatting on the second panel and joining to the first panel at the 2nd rings picot as you go. Make absolutely sure you have both panels facing the right direction (top up). Also make sure you have the correct side facing on both panels so that your design is going in the same direction on both panels. With right side of second panel facing you

1. Ch 3 + to new panel 5 rows down from top 3 ds Rw.
2 R 3 - 3 + to second picot on first panel 3 - 3 Cl Rw.
3.* Ch 3 + to 5th row down from last join 3 Rw.
4. R 3 + to last picot on last ring, 3 + to second picot on first panel, 3 - 3 Rw
5. Repeat from * down the side of the afghan panel joining your work at the middle of each chain every 5th row. Make sure you end with the same thing (either a ring or a chain) on each panel.

NOTE: Check to be sure your afghan panels are lining up evenly as you go down. My afghan pattern consisted of a series of squares so I checked at the end of each square to be sure it was lining up. You could pin your panels together before you start and you can always skip to the 6th row down for a couple joins to even things up as you approach your checking point.

Optional Edging:

With right side facing attach to corner by bringing thread through from back.
**Ch 3 - 3 + to 5th stitch down the edge.
Attach to 5th stitch by bringing needle in from back to front, tie slip knot.
Repeat from * * All the way around the afghan skipping the rings at the middle of each panel if desired.

Here's a picture of the afghan, taken today (2/1/11)

You may copy and share this pattern but please keep the copyright intact.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Michigan Machine Knitting Seminars

Since the topic has been mentioned this past week on the knittingmachines Yahoo Group I thought I'd add the upcoming seminars/workshops coming up in Michigan.; Its time to plan for them now.

BTW, this information came from Sandee Cherry's web site http://sandeeskwikknit.com/seminar.html. Sandee will be teaching at the Monroe seminar in July. If you can attend do, her patterns are quick and easy and spot on for up-to-date-fashions. While I'm at it I added Peru, IN...Charlene Shafer always has a fun seminar, its inexpensive and people leave with a carload of yarn(ask me how I know)

March 25-26, 2011 Monroe, MI USA DAK Hands-on Workshop
for more info call Cathy Reaume (734)243-3016

April 1-2, 2011 Grand Rapids, MI USA Grand Rapids Area Machine Knitters
for more info call Sara Coates 616-887-0675

April 15-16, 2011 Peru, IN USA Spring Fling Knit Knack Shop
for more info call Charlene Shafer 765-985-3164

**July 22-23, 2011 Monroe, MI USA 23rd Monroe Seminar
for more info call Cathy Reaume(734)243-3016

I am planning on attending the Grand Rapids seminar and possibly the Monroe seminar, depending on other obligations. There's nothing like a seminar to learn more about your machines and to have a great time with other like-minded people.

I hope to see all you Michigan and surrounding state machine knitters at one of these seminars, I promise you'll have a fabulous time.