Saturday, February 21, 2009

Biscuit's New Stroller

It's here, Biscuit's new stroller. Got it 1 day after ordering it from Saluda River Pet Food Store in Easley (SC). You know, I didn't realize this store had all this stuff and I think its been open as long as I've lived here. For some reason, I guess because its called "pet food store" I thought it was just pet food. How stupid is that? I should have known a store couldn't stay open that long just selling 1 brand of pet food Anyway, the stroller is here and they were kind enough to order the straps that hold him into his new car seat/bed, the straps will be at the store today but I'm thinking I'll wait till Wed to go get them, Biscuit is a little fed up with riding in the car after 2 days of going. He's pretty much happier staying home but of course, wants me to stay with him.

What I'm going to do with this stroller is take it with me when I have to leave because my house is being shown. I Can also take him in it to meet with my friends when we spin or knit at the Mill in Pickens. He'll have a place to rest or sit and watch people and it can be his nest. I do think I should make him an orange sweater to match it, I could embroider a little Tiger Paw on it to match. Each wheel on this stroller have tiger paws in the center and there's a big paw in the center front. There's plenty of room for him to lay down and nap if he wants and there's a little shelf underneath for my purse or knitting and cup holders on the handle for our water. Perfect!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New To Me Car Seat for Dog

I've been feeling guilty about taking the dog in the car everywhere I can take him but not having a car seat for him. Actually, he didn't like sitting in the front seat of the car in a car seat when he was smaller. That was back when he got car sick every time he had to go riding. Nowadays, he sits in the back, behind my seat and watches out the window. He's still not happy about riding in the car but its going to have to be a fact of life for him. And he hates staying home too so...what's a person to do???

Eventually I plan to take off for Michigan in the car and he's going to have to ride in his usual perch in the back seat but I would feel a lot safer about it if he was in a car seat. Today I found the perfect seat. Its big enough for him to lay down when he gets tired and its soft and fuzzy, his favorite fabric is inside, Sherpa! The whole cover comes off the frame and can be washed. So, I bought the seat and the nice guy at the pet store helped me install it. In fact, he was such a nice guy he gave Biscuit a couple doggie treats while we were there (which Biscuit immediately spit out)I stuck them in my pocket and he ate them when we got home. He appears to like his seat. He sat in it and every time I looked at him he was either looking out one side window or the other side or watching out the back. He never tried to get out of it, although he could have. Its soooo perfect for him. The only thing is, there's nothing to strap him in and if we did get in a wreck, he would fly out of it so he needs to be attached to something. The car seatbelt holds the doggie seat in place. When I got home and looked it up online, there is supposed to be another hook that hooks onto the car seat and attaches to his harness which would secure him. So I'll get it when I go back Saturday.

In fact I ordered a stroller for him from the same petstore, its orange and has a paw on you suppose it's for a Clemson fan? I saw an orange bow as I was leaving and told the guy I wanted to buy it to match his stroller....he gave me the bow Here's a picture of the great car seat/bed, ours is black quilted on the outside and of course, that's not my cute Biscuit sitting in this store model. Notice the nice drawer in the bottom? Its big enough to hold some food, toys, treats, a lease, etc. I do believe this is the perfect doggie seat. The brand name is "Snoozer" dog bed, one ad I saw on the internet shows one on a golf cart...isn't it perfect?
This pet store is new to me but has been here ever since I moved to SC. Its called Saluda River Pet Food, located in Easley SC, pretty close to me. So anyway, I thought they only sold pet food. Silly me, they have everything in there and if they don't have it, they can get it tomorrow. They are friendly and helpful, in fact while I was there a guy drove up with a dog, the dog was so happy to see the guy that was helping me that it was obvious the dog had been there many times. We went back in the store from my car and the employee was handing out treats to the other dog and talking to him, the dogs owner told me he can't drive by without the dog barking to stop. Now, THIS is a great pet store, don't you think? The bonus for me is, I don't have to drive to Greenville or Anderson any longer when I want to buy something for my spoiled pet, I can get it in Easley. Yaaaay! The stroller will be there today waiting for me but I'm going back to Easley Saturday anyway so will pick it up then. If it is too small or not what I expect, the guy told me its no big deal, I don't have to buy it (unlike another store I bought something from (not Petsmart) I had to keep it although it was too small).

Why do I need a doggie stroller? Well, Biscuit loves to walk but he can only go about 1/4 of a mile before he turns around to go home. I haven't walked the 3 miles down my road since I got him and really need to get back into my walk routine so I figure I'll let him walk until he wants to go home and then he can ride while I finish my walk. If he wants back out, that's ok too, he can get back out and walk some more. Also, I can take him to Hagood Mill in the stroller, where I can knit or spin with the other ladies, he can sit in his stroller and watch the people--safely. Its a win-win situation if you ask me. He won't have to stay home while I run around doing my thing.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Knit Yourself A Tam

Lots of people are trying to get to my web site to find the Tam pattern and for some reason, even I can't get there some of the time (I did check and yes, I've paid my bill) Anyway, here's 4 of the tams I knitted back when I made up the pattern. I just love this tam in any color. Someone mentioned that she couldn't get it to match up in the center. As you can see from some of mine, neither could I sometimes. Its just a matter of sewing I guess, sometimes I did better than others. I think a pompom on the top hides the fact that it doesn't quite match up and personally, I wish I had put a pompom on all of them because I think it looks great with one. In fact I think I'll just go ahead and add one to all of them.

Meanwhile, here's the pattern for you. Its a knitting machine pattern, if you are a hand knitter, there's also a hand knit pattern written by my daughter, Miki, on my web page at

The "Tammy", abbreviated from the Tam O'Shanter (after Burns' bibulous hero) became popular wear for young ladies in later Victorian times. The Fairisle version had a long popularity. Generally today stitches are cast on for the brim; there is a short ribbed band; the pattern is introduced and the stitches are increased to the widest part, and then reduced to form the crown. Some have continuous increasing and decreasing; others fit any change of size into plain rows between narrow bands of different patterns as is also done for some yoked jerseys. Some have a very little shaping between the brim and the beginning of the wheel pattern, relying on dressing to give the tammy its shape by stretching the knitting. The finished tammy is dressed on a suitably-sized plate or piece of firm card, and should lie flat. (from The Complete Book Of Traditional Fair Isle Knitting by Sheila McGregor)

MATERIALS: English 4 ply Main Color
Denys Brunton Magic Color for Contrast Color (cc) (or any English 4 ply)
Ribber Tension 3/3 II
Fairisle Isle Tension 7 (Gauge not too important
Gauge: Any electronic 24 stitch punchcard or electronic machine (instructions written for Brother knitting machine)

With ribber cast on 182 stitches and work 11 rows 1 x 1 rib, ending with carriage on left.
Transfer stitches to main bed.
At this point, make absolutely sure you now have needles 91 and 91 in work.

RC 00
Set carriage for Pattern # 1 and all-over fairisle (selector # 1, KC 1)
Work pattern. (you will have 2 plain rows in the end).
Remove ribber cast on comb.

Scrap off work into 26 stitch sections. Starting at the left side, take sts 66 - 91; 40 - 65; 14 - 39 off onto scrap yarn.. Then to the right side take sts 66-91; 40-65, 14-39 off onto scrap yarn. Leave the center 26 stitches on the bed.

*Pattern notes: You will not be knitting a single motif as opposed to all-over fairisle. There is no need to wrap stitches as normally done in single motif work. As you decrease, make absolutely sure you watch the selected needles. You could easily corrupt your star by not leaving the correct CC needle forward.

Set carriage for KC II or so that end needles are not selected. Set machine for single motif (selector 2 on electronic machines). Program Pattern # 2.
910 and 965 users, set FNP at Y 12.
Hang claw weights on remaining stitches.

RC 00 start pattern #2. (first 2 rows across will be plain MC, second row will select for pattern)
Decrease 1 stitch each end on 3rd row and every 3rd row to RC 18

RC 18: Decrease 1 stitch each side EOR to end of pattern
RC 25: Remove all weights. Set carriage for normal knitting. Break off CC.
Continue decreasing EOR until 1 stitch remains, take off. *

Repeat from * to * until all sections are knitted.

FINISHING: Sew seams carefully making sure star points meet and match.
When sewn, place a dinner plate inside the Tamm, working and stretching until the fairisle pattern between the first 2 argyle patterns is on the edge of the plate. Steam well, being careful not to steam the ribbing. When finished, your Tamm will lay flat. You can crochet a chain to put in the very center or put a tiny pon pon or a small tassel.

Copyright, Rosalind Porter, Piney Mountain Cottage
The information, patterns and images contained on this page are for personal use and may not be altered, converted nor uploaded to any electronic system or BBS nor included in any compact disk (CD-ROM) or collection of any type