Saturday, September 6, 2008

Doggie Car Seat on EBay

Much as I hate to sell it, I have to sell Biscuit's doggie car seat. This little pup has outgrown his seat. The seat is advertised to hold a 20 lb dog and Biscuit is only 12 lbs but he's a bit too long and hangs out of it, plus he thinks he can climb out of it so he's been relegated to the back seat of the SUV where he has a crate, a much safer solution for him and he gets the whole back end to move around in.
I've put the seat on EBay, Outward Hound Car Seat for Small Dogs - 140264771039

Its a nice seat, the only thing is, it has an inflatable pillow that zips into a compartment under the seat. The pillow never did keep air over 1 day so I put a sofa pillow in its place. The inflatable pillow is still included with the car seat. I don't think it has a hole in it, it never did keep its air from the day I bought it new.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crochet and I are over

The blanket is finished and I am not thrilled. I haven't been thrilled since I finished the squares. They all came out different sizes, depending on the color I was using. Now that its finished, its hard like Red Heart, not soft like baby yarn although the yarn itself is soft. Probably if I had used a bigger crochet hook or maybe if I had just knitted it, it would be soft and drapey but will make a nice mat for the baby to lay on but nothing I'd want to wrap around my baby. Oh well, it kept me busy all summer.
The squares were so uneven that I couldn't do any of the joins I found on the internet so I sort of adapted the one I was going to do. I did a chain 3, slip into one side, chain 3, skip 3 sts and slip into the other side. When I saw I wasn't going to have enough stitches on a smaller one, I fudged it on the bigger one, not skipping 3. I don't think it shows. Then when I got the squares all together the whole edge was uneven so I did 2 rows of SC which didn't help at all. Then I went searching for a ruffle pattern and found an easy one (remember, I'm not a crocheter and probably this blanket proves it). The ruffle is simple, 2 triple crochets in each stitch around, on the corners, do 3 triple crochets in the stitch before the corner and 4 triple crochets in the center. That made a simple little ruffle that sort of hides the uneveness of the whole thing.
Boy, I'm glad I'm finished with it. I love the colors. I'm tempted to try a pinwheel circular blanket but have to get a sweater, hat and booties made (knitted of course).