Saturday, July 19, 2008

EZ's Knitting Workshop Book and Surprise Jacket DVD on EBay

Just up on EBay today (Saturday)

I've listed Elizabeth Zimmerman's book, Knitting Workshop on EBay today. I just bought the book and ended up with 2 because one seller didn't send for a month, you can find it here:
Also I've put the Elizabeth Zimmerman DVD, Surprise Jacket on (same thing, I ended up with 2).

I bought these because has a free machine knit pattern for the surprise Jacket and I wanted the variations from the book and then decided it would be great to have the DVD as well.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tree, Ponds and Blueberries

When my husband designed our house he wanted it to look like it grew in the woods. Unfortunately, he didn't realize, too many trees close to a house can add lovely shade in the hot summer but it can also ruin your gutters and roof. So--today I had a tree guy come and give me an estimate on cutting down tree limbs that finally grew enough to rest on my roof. Phooey! I like the shade, but the tree limbs need to go. You can see from the picture, the branches are on the roof.

After wandering around with the tree guy, Biscuit and I went out to check on our pet fish. We have a wonderful family of little fish who live in our pond. I like to feed them and watch them all swarm up when I throw out food. Biscuit likes it too because I always leave a little on the dock for him to eat. If I fed Biscuit fish food he wouldn't eat it but it gobbles it up when he thinks the fish are going to get it.

Check out my blueberries. They are just now beginning to ripen and I forgot to take anything to carry them in so will go back out but did get enough for breakfast before we went in. The bushes came from a friend in Mississippi who claimed he had prize-winning blueberries. I don't know if they'd win a prize but I love them. They are planted right beside the pond so its a nice place for Biscuit to play while I feed the fish and pick berries. (he likes to wade in the edge of the water and can't figure out what it is that squeaks and jumps in the water when
he gets near (its a bunch of little frogs)

Monday, July 14, 2008

YAHOO! Project Runway Season 5 starts Wed

Thank Goodness something decent is starting on Bravo TV this week, Project Runway (starts Wednesday 7/16). I started watching this back when my husband was alive and he hated it, I loved it so I used to run up to the loft to watch on my tiny little TV. NOW I get to watch it on the bigger than life TV in HD. I can't wait.

I found this with a Google search in case you've never seen the show:

I subscribed to the RSS feed of the blog

Can you tell I'm excited. I hope this season is as good as Season 4 was.

BTW, if you belong to the Yahoo knittingmachine group, we've been talking about the new show on TLC, Ashley Paige. Forget it, if you missed it, go ahead and watch the rerun of the first show, Its pretty sad! One of the members of that group actually designed her first bikini's and felt as if she was taken advantage of. If you watch that first episode you'll see more people being taken advantage of...especially the machine knitter who is told to crank out as many swimsuits as he possibly can in the shortest possible time.

I tried to watch it with an open mind but it was BAD. I'm planning on watching it to the bitter end unless something better comes along No, I'm not a TV addict but I like to sit and knit in the evenings and what the heck, I can do that while I watch TV so that's what I do. The TV keeps me company.