Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Yard

I couldn't help but sit on my front porch this morning and just admire the flowers, the spring air and the birds singing. My yard is soooo beautiful right now, the new grass is coming up and the azaleas are in mid-bloom. I have some new ones blooming every week. Here's a Spring Collage I made this morning. I should have done a video so you could hear the birds singing. All these pictures were taken from the porch, except of course, the picture of the you're seeing what I saw as I drank my coffee out on the front. You can click on the picture to get a better view of each segment of the yard. It starts on the east side and goes across the front to the northwest.
birds singing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

FINALLY internet satellite is fixed

I can't believe the little light on the modem hasn't gone out all afternoon. Horray! Its working.
Since I haven't been able to get on the internet I got busy and did some sorting and cleaning. I ordered myself a new table from, its a craft/work table,36 inches high. Only problem is, it requires some assembly. The good news is though, its heavy and I can carry it upstairs piece by piece.

I found a new-to-me pet boarding resort. Its not that far up the road from me and Biscuit and I are going to visit Sunday afternoon. If he seems to like it, I'll leave him there while I go to Greenville (SC) later in the week for a class at The Beaded Frog. We're going to make a pendant that opens into a little book for verses or pictures, here's a description: Wearable Metal Book Pendant Workshop
Create small metal book pendants, less than 3x3 using copper, polymer, beads and jump rings. The pendants will contain blank pages for pictures of your choice, notes or quotes. You'll learn casting, flame coloring, and how to construct this keepsake piece. Copper, paper, tools jump rings, cord, polymer, glue and objects to cast will be provided. Extra chain and beads may be purchased to embellish your necklace.

My azaleas are blooming and so beautiful, I just love to sit out on my porch and watch them. The bees are nuts over them too. This weekend was the annual Azalea Festival in Pickens. I bypassed it and went to the Mill. There was about a medium size crowd there and lots of people sitting around on the grass just enjoying the day. I love the Mill when its reasonably warm, not too hot and the visitors are all enjoying themselves. I took my camera to get some pictures but forgot the SD card so darn it! I bought myself a new camera just so I could haul it around in my pocket for this sort of thing. Next time I'll try again. I don't think I'll forget that card again.

Today I swatched my contest entry for contest. The contest is to make something out of 1 hank of sock yarn, not a sock but something that shows the versatility of the yarn. It has to be original. I have a good idea of what I want to make, hope it works out. I will say, I'm using beads but at this point, that's all I can say. If it works out as it is in my mind, I'll love it. I'm making it on my LK 150 knitting machine.

I've managed to knit 200 rows of the border on my circular cardigan. Its coming along. I try to knit some on it every evening because I need almost 900 rows before I even start the circle.