Thursday, February 5, 2009

Addi Turbo Clicks

I read this review in November when it first came out and remembered it because its about Addi Turbo needles. Addie's are my favorite needles, they are slick, there doesn't seem to be any yarn catching between needle and cable (I always knit with circular needles, even for something like a scarf so that's important to me). Anyway, I saw this review and today I found it again. I don't want to lose it and I want everyone who loves circular needles to see it too.

Here's the deal... my favorite needles are now coming out with a set, similar to KnitPicks needle set and Boye's needle set. I have a set of Boye needles, in fact I have 2. I love the idea of a set because you can screw any size needle onto the circular cable and knit away. Except, Boye's come apart sometimes when you are busy knitting so you have to forever keep your eyes and fingers aware of that. I don't know if KnitPick's needles have that problem because I only know one person who owns them (My daughter Natalie, I gave them to her for Christmas a couple years ago).

So here's an indepth review of the new Addi Turbo needle set (called Clicks) and to wet your appetite, here's a picture of the beautiful case that is included with them:

This picture came from the Addi needle shop site at Read what they have to say about the needles but for an honest review of a product and it even compares them to the Knit Pick needles, go here:

I'm probably going to go ahead and pre-order myself a set for Valentines Day. After all, my husband always bought me jewelry on that day, what's this but jewelry for my fingers that I can cherish and enjoy