Wednesday, December 15, 2010


One of my friends here in the condo units recently told me about a company that is located right here in Leelanau, MI.  I've seen a company just like this highlighted twice before on Carol Duval's Christmas show on HGTV and I suspect this is the same company.   Carol showed a lady's messy basement, full of old wool sweaters and pieces of wool.   Then she showed the things the woman made with her wool after she felts it.   If this isn't the same company, I'd be surprised.

Anyway, my friend bought a pair of mittens from the company she was telling me about (Baabaazuzu is the company's name)   Funny enough, this past Sunday the local newspaper had an article about this same woman and her company.   Well, my friend's pair of mittens were to die for, I wanted some.  Then when I saw the newspaper article I looked Baabaazuzu up on the internet and decided I was getting myself a pair.   I walk the dog every day in very cold temps, my hands freezing in spite of the fact that I have some nice warm gloves, I knew these mittens needed to be mine so yesterday I took off for town.  There were 2 shops that are very close to where I live and since I was in town anyway, I found the closest shop.
I knew I wanted the denim color and I thought I wanted a hat as well as mittens in spite of the fact that its so expensive this close to Christmas.  Oh well....the hats were not in the color I wanted but there they were, my mittens.....

These items are all a mixture of  sweaters and assorted other wool items, all felted by this lady and her employees (yes she now has quite a few employees and her things are sold all over the country).   Nothing matches, my 2 mittens are in the same colorway (denim) but they don't match.  The vintage buttons that decorate the mittens also don't match.    Here they are, my wonderful, warm mittens...

Check out the web page, she has hats, headbands, vests, jackets...well...anything you can make out of felted wool, she makes it.   I definitely still want a hat in the denim colorway.  I know I can't make anything as great as she does but I think I'll go to Goodwill and get some old jackets and see if I can make myself a hat.  If my hat fails.....I'm going to go back to the shop and get one.  Its VERY cold here in Traverse City and why not have something that's going to be so wonderfully warm I won't mind going out to walk the dog.   Hey!  Maybe I should make the dog a jacket out of this felted wool too.