Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Packing Again Today

Yesterday I told myself if I'd just get stuff packed, when the house sells I'll be all ready to go. So today I'm packing my second cone tree of yarn. I've developed a split personality, the child in me said suddenly I needed to go to the grocery store and get some ice cream because I'll obviously be very hot and tired after I finish...the adult part of me said, NO---Stay home and finish this job....so here I am still home. You see, I've been hauling boxes up to the loft and stuffing things in them but they aren't organized so I have embroidery, sewing, knitting, you name it in boxes but none of them are taped shut because I can't remember whats in them. What a mess...After all those Military years of moving, you'd think I'd have a system down but I don't. Here's a picture of a bunch of knitting/weaving/sewing magazines that I can't part with. So they need to be sorted and boxed. Above is a picture of my machines next to a bookcase. The machines are in their rifle cases awaiting the move. The embroidery machine is in its box awaiting the move, luckily I saved the original packing box for it so I'm going to put it back in that box...boy, oh boy is it heavy. My goal today is to get the yarn off that cone tree and into boxes, finish emptying that large bookcase and get rid of it altogether (Freecycle). Once that's done I'll sort the magazines and pack them. Then I"m going to start on all the little things like pins, needles, etc. When I was in Tacoma over Christmas I bought a rolling sewing/craft cart. I have my knitting and crochet needles in it already and I thought I'd just add all the other little things. I've bought some zip lock bags and plastic tubs with lids to store the little goodies in.

OK child---time to shut up, hang up and get back to it...........(I might go get the ice cream later)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Roz's Loft

Today its so hot here Biscuit and I went out VERY early to water some plants and to let him run around a little before we had to hibernate in front of the fans. Right after we came in Biscuit got into my yarn and proceeded to spread it all over the house (no I didn't take a picture of that mess). I saw a thing on TV, Its Me Or The Dog where the girl had a dog that continued to get into things. The dog trainer had them pick up the dog immediately when he did the thing and put him in the garage. Well, My garage is too far from the house so I picked him up, told him no and put him in his crate (I know, I know---he'll hate the crate because of it but he already does...) So I let him out when he settled down and he got the yarn again. Back to the crate with a NO. The next time I let him out he didn't go near the yarn. I did as the TV trainer did, put it down where he could easily get to it. He didn't come near it. I was totally impressed.

So anyway, after he came back in the house from another romp he was totally hot and so was I. He laid down on his starfish pillow and hasn't gotten up since. Half of him is off the pillow, not because he doesn't fit on it but because the floor is cool <G> Notice his pot of toys? The little pup is obviously very spoiled but oh well!worn out

I don't want to start anything now other than rewind my yarn so I got out my new book, The Friday Night Knit Club. I didn't take a lot of time to read but the introduction sounds like its going to be good, here's what it says: The Gathering. Choosing your wool is dizzying with potential: The waves of colors and textures tempt with visions of a sweater or cap (and all the accompanying compliments you hope to receive) but don't reveal the hard work required to get there. Patience and attention to detail make all the difference. Also willingness. Challenge keeps it interesting, but don't select a pattern that is too far beyond you. Always select the best yarn you can afford. And use the type of needle that feels best in your hand; I always used bamboo. Even now, it still seems unbelievable to me that by pulling together a motley collection--the soft yarn, the sharp needles, the scripted pattern, the smooching hook, the intangibles of creativity, humanity, and imagination--you can create something that will hold a piece of your soul. But you can.

I think we all agree, the same holds true for knitting machine projects.

Roz's Loft