Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stained Glass Embroidery

I've been working on and off on this stained glass embroidered wall hanging since the day I first bought them (I think the first day they came out. You can see the whole set at .     I plan on getting a piece of upholstery fabric for the backing. Emblibrary has excellent directions for making this, I have them all printed out and following them to the "T".   I am making some of the colors different than theirs but then that's the fun of machine embroidery.

These are pretty and its fun to put the pieces together and see them match up. I haven't ever done anything like this before. As you can see, so far I have the first row completed.  I finished the center piece of the second row last night  but my embroidery machine messed up just a little when the bobbin thread decided it didn't want to work and the whole design shifted just a little.  I can fix it and will before I start the adjoining pieces. Phooey, I know better, the machine doesn't like it when I leave it even just long enough to put the dog out and get a drink of water. That's what I get, the machine needs me.    :-)