Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mid Gauge Owl Sock

Machine: LK 150 mid-gauge machine

Gauge 8.6 rows 5.3 sts = 1" with Roselan Double Knit Yarn

Owl Cable Pattern Note: I've turned the owl pattern upside down to make it easier for myself (and you) to knit the sock. I've also added 1 more row on the left so that we have the same number of K stitches on each side of the owl.

Don't forget to add your bead for his eyes by taking the stitch off and slipping a bead onto the stitch, replace the stitch on the needle and continue knitting. This way the bead will NEVER fall off.

Suggest you go ahead and write stitch numbers and row numbers next to your owl pattern so you won't get mixed up. Remember, you don't have the reformat the purl stitches but you do have to reformat the knit stitches.

Start the Sock:
Cast 43 sts on with waste yarn, hang cast on comb and knit a few rows.

T = 0 e-wrap cast on with main yarn and K 16 rows

T = 2.5 K 2 rows.

RC 0: Begin Cable Pattern centering it on needle R 1 (I've marked the center stitch for you)
Finish cable pattern and K 2 more rows.
RC 30 T = 1 short row for heel:
Pull all needles L of 0 to hold. Carriage on hold
*Pull 1 needle on carriage side to hold and K across
Repeat from * for 14 rows.
**Reverse shaping by pushing needle opposite carriage to upper working position, K across.
Repeat from ** until all needles are back in work.
T = 2.5 K 51 rows for foot.
T = 0 Carriage on opposite side from heel
Repeat from * and then ** to shape toe.
Take carriage off H and K 1 row across all needles.
Remove stitches left of 0 on ravel and waste.
Remove stitches right of 0 on separate ravel and waste
Kitchener stitch toe stitches
Sew side seam

Make second sock the same except do your shortrowing on the opposite sides so your seams will be on the inside of the leg.

Owl Pattern Copyright, 1990 The Taunton Press Inc. Reprinted with permission from Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters, The Taunton Press, PO Box 5506, Newtown, CT 06470. To order a copy, call 1-800-888-8286.

Sock Pattern: Feel free to make copies of this article for your personal use or for use in classes.
The following copyright notice must appear on all copies

Copyright, Rosalind Porter 1997

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