Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finally a UFO is Done

I think its been 2 years since I started this project. A lot has happened since then but I finally decided to get back to it. Of course, after sitting on my loom for 2 years it needed some TLC before I could actually work on it again. One of the reasons I didn't finish it was because there was one thread not tied onto the back beam. My weaving friend came over and helped me ready it for weaving again. What a mess, I was tempted to just take it off and dump it but I really liked the colors and wanted to finish it.
My original objective for this project was to figure out the length so that it would fit my table with extra to hang over the edges. Not as easy with weaving on a loom as weaving on a knitting machine. I also wanted to work on edges, trying my best to make them nice and neat, which isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I achieved the first objective but the second one -- well, the edges leave a lot to be desired. I think the choice of yarn has something to do with the finish as well because its a hard cotton yarn (Cotton Fine from Brown Sheep). I love the yarn but I'm afraid all the flaws show because there's no "fuzz" in the yarn to hide weaving in ends and that sort of thing. The places where I had to rewind the bobbin and start with a new thread really show, I'm not sure why but I'll bet my weaving friends can tell me how to eliminate that little bulge you get when you weave in the ends. UGH!
I want to start another one but I have told myself I have a lot of UFO's to work on first and the loom is going to be taken apart and packed for moving. That should keep me focused on UFO's.

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