Monday, March 10, 2008

Continuing 2/17's Project, the Felted Foursome

I have not forgotten the Cat Bordhi Felted Foursome. In spite of the fact that I'm still trying to pack extra yarn and stuff for the impending move I have been knitting in the evening and I took the Felted Foursome with me to the Mill where we demo knitting or spinning or weaving or whatever our current project is. I had my handle done and proceeded to knit 4 separate parts which I wasn't sure about. When I got home I tossed it in the knitting basket and forgot about it for a week. That was a mistake. Yesterday I picked it up again and couldn't figure out where I was on the pattern. I ended up taking out waste yarn and then having to rewind the whole thing and start over. Let me warn you, rewinding isn't all that easy with this project.

In the beginning of this pattern Cat says: "You may find yourself a little disoriented until you've gone far enough to see what you're making, but fear not; keep knitting and soon you shall have your very own Felted Foursome" She's right, I now know what's happening and I'm anxious to finish this magical thing. Yup---I said Magical truly is as Magical as she says it is. Hats off to Cat Bordhi for making hand knitting so much fun!!!

Look at the picture. Can you see the 4 separate parts that will soon be 4 pots? And of course, the MCO (mobius cast on) handle in the middle. AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to finish it.

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