Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I joined Knitting Daily just about the time they first came up with the idea. Its a little email connected to a web page full of chat about new (HK) patterns and best of all, old patterns that were previously published in Interweave Knits Magazine--oldies but goodies that you can now buy in .pdf format very inexpensively.

They also have lots and lots of free patterns, knit and crochet, that you can download. The emails come at least once a week and have some great tips and tricks you can learn from. Today I got an email talking about increasing and decreasing when HKing...and I went to the web site just to see what was new and to read more about the inc and dec. While there I clicked on Free Patterns (my favorite of course) and found this beauty. I LOVE THIS RUG!!! Hummm, I wonder, if I made it would I let anyone stand on it? Well---I think I might give it a try. I have lots of hand spun and Country Classics dye that I need to pack up for moving or---hey, I think this is the perfect project for it. I could make the rug in the colors shown which would match my new furniture. and I can already see it in front of my new couch!!! Doggone it, I wish I could start it today but you know my latest thing--finish what you started!!! And wasn't it just yesterday when I said I was taking on a new project? Needle Felting little doggies? Well---its going on my ever-growing to-do list. HA! If I live to be 110 I won't finish all these wonderful things I want to do but what fun it is to try.

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