Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Packing Again Today

Yesterday I told myself if I'd just get stuff packed, when the house sells I'll be all ready to go. So today I'm packing my second cone tree of yarn. I've developed a split personality, the child in me said suddenly I needed to go to the grocery store and get some ice cream because I'll obviously be very hot and tired after I finish...the adult part of me said, NO---Stay home and finish this job....so here I am still home. You see, I've been hauling boxes up to the loft and stuffing things in them but they aren't organized so I have embroidery, sewing, knitting, you name it in boxes but none of them are taped shut because I can't remember whats in them. What a mess...After all those Military years of moving, you'd think I'd have a system down but I don't. Here's a picture of a bunch of knitting/weaving/sewing magazines that I can't part with. So they need to be sorted and boxed. Above is a picture of my machines next to a bookcase. The machines are in their rifle cases awaiting the move. The embroidery machine is in its box awaiting the move, luckily I saved the original packing box for it so I'm going to put it back in that box...boy, oh boy is it heavy. My goal today is to get the yarn off that cone tree and into boxes, finish emptying that large bookcase and get rid of it altogether (Freecycle). Once that's done I'll sort the magazines and pack them. Then I"m going to start on all the little things like pins, needles, etc. When I was in Tacoma over Christmas I bought a rolling sewing/craft cart. I have my knitting and crochet needles in it already and I thought I'd just add all the other little things. I've bought some zip lock bags and plastic tubs with lids to store the little goodies in.

OK child---time to shut up, hang up and get back to it...........(I might go get the ice cream later)


Jane said...

How I empathise with you, moving house is bad enough but moving stash is ten times worse. I packed away 90% of my yarn & fabric stash a couple of months ago as our house is up for saleand now I am pining for it.

Roz said...

But where did you put it once it was boxed up? Now my house that was "staged" for selling is full of boxes, HELP!