Monday, September 15, 2008

New Great Grandson Is Here!!!

Hunter Rokuro McCurdy. My 3rd grandbaby, 2 girls and now a boy!!! Guess GGM needs to get busy and get that BJS finished.

Ohhh, my bad, I got his last name wrong . There's just too many kids in this family all of the sudden. Anyway, I definitely see the family resemblance in this one. He's definitely related to me.


Miki said...'s McCurdy. Mom & baby and big sister are all doing great at my house. Daddy flies in tomorrow at 6pm thanks to the US Red Cross & the US Army National Guard. He gets 5-6 days home and then back to Wisconsin to finish training before going to Iraq for his second tour of duty.

Cindy/KS said...

Congrats G-Grandma!