Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Raggedy Ann and Andy

These 2 beauties were made by Villie Nobile in Florida. She sent them to me once when she had told me about them and I told her I'd love to see them. I had no idea she would send them to me but she did. I showed them to all my club members and actually took them to a Carolinas Guild's seminar fashion show. Then sadly I had to send them home to Villie. I had so much fun with them while they were at my house and so did Villie--so she made me my own pair. I love them. I suggested she write to Alles who published the original pattern and ask her to republish the pattern because I was talking about them on Compuserve at the time and everyone wanted that pattern. Alles did republish it but I'm sorry to say I can't remember which issue of News and Views it was in. They are perfect replicas of the original dolls I think and very large. They live in my loft now, sitting on a pile of yarn and watch me knit, sew, etc. I am as amazed at Villie's attention to detail now as I was when I first saw them.

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