Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ruffles Scarf Finished

If you look back at November 12 and 13, I bought some ruffles yarn from Lion Brand. Its really different, its like very thin stockinette strips and you knit it by poking yur needle through it about half a thumbs length from the needle, which makes it ruffle. I changed the pattern a little, between the ruffles you knit 2 or 4 rows of stockinette. Mine didn't look that nice knitted stockinette so I knitted mine in garter stitch between the ruffles rows. The ruffles have to be knitted in stockinette, when I knitted the ruffle yarn, the ruffles went behind the work, when I purled the ruffles it went in front of the work so I had to make sure I was knitting or purling at the right time. Between the ruffles rows is rows of stockinette. Turns out these rows are the center back and the side neck. The ruffles are centered at front neck and a set of ruffles on each side.

If you look at the picture you see there's a hole in the big ruffly rows at the beginning. The very end is 2 rows of ruffles. The 2 end rows of ruffles fit through the hole once its wound around your neck and end up filling the hole. Very clever.

The part I don't like about it is finishing. It became impossible to weave the ends of the ruffle yarn into the back and actually hide the stuff. The back looks messy. I was going to give this to a friend for Christmas but changed my mind. I'm afraid its way too ruffley for her and I don't like the messy back so I'm keeping the scarf for myself. Honestly its a bit too ruffley for me too but I think it would look nice under a coat.