Saturday, February 21, 2009

Biscuit's New Stroller

It's here, Biscuit's new stroller. Got it 1 day after ordering it from Saluda River Pet Food Store in Easley (SC). You know, I didn't realize this store had all this stuff and I think its been open as long as I've lived here. For some reason, I guess because its called "pet food store" I thought it was just pet food. How stupid is that? I should have known a store couldn't stay open that long just selling 1 brand of pet food Anyway, the stroller is here and they were kind enough to order the straps that hold him into his new car seat/bed, the straps will be at the store today but I'm thinking I'll wait till Wed to go get them, Biscuit is a little fed up with riding in the car after 2 days of going. He's pretty much happier staying home but of course, wants me to stay with him.

What I'm going to do with this stroller is take it with me when I have to leave because my house is being shown. I Can also take him in it to meet with my friends when we spin or knit at the Mill in Pickens. He'll have a place to rest or sit and watch people and it can be his nest. I do think I should make him an orange sweater to match it, I could embroider a little Tiger Paw on it to match. Each wheel on this stroller have tiger paws in the center and there's a big paw in the center front. There's plenty of room for him to lay down and nap if he wants and there's a little shelf underneath for my purse or knitting and cup holders on the handle for our water. Perfect!


TracyKM said...

My friend has a little dog (Yorkie, maybe) and she just used a regular baby umbrella stroller for him. However, your's is closed in on the sides which is probably more practical. Trying to sell a house with pets or young kids is tough!

Roz said...

Hi Tracy, Biscuit does great in the stroller but not sure he'd sit in an umbrella stroller. We walk every day and he will only go so far and then wants to turn around. Now I take the stroller along for the walk and put him in it instead of turning back for home, I get my walk in and he doesn't mind riding past his turnaround point.