Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Logo

OK, I know you're dying to know how I got this logo. I've had it since 1987. How it came about was, in December 1986 we came to SC from Michigan to have a look at our property one more time before we built a house. We got a map that showed the mountains and their names and discovered that the mountain in front of our property was called Piney Mountain. So my son decided we should call our house Piney Mountain Cottage since it sits at the bottom of Piney Mountain. That was it, the Perfect name.

About that same time I decided to go ahead and start up a business. I wasn't sure what I was going to sell, probably knits since like most machine knitters who buy their first knitting machine thinks they're going to start selling knits (little do they know what that entails...)

So I went back to our home in Michigan, wrote to South Carolina and applied for my business license. That following summer we moved. We planned on living in a camper in the driveway while the house was being built. I wasn't about to live here in that camper until there was electricity so I went to Spokane where my Mom lived and hung out with her for the summer.

Mother's next door neighbor has a daughter close to the same age as me. The daughter is an artist, home from art school. I decided to ask her to draw a logo for me. I knew I wanted it to be a little old lady, knitting of course, and a cottage with the mountains in the background. Well----the logo you see is sort of what she came up with. I loved it but the only problem with it was the mountains. She and I grew up near the Rocky Mountains, the mountains around here are rounder and softer, older my husband told me. So I rounded out the mountains and there you have it, my Piney Mountain Cottage logo. I love it as much now as I did when she first came up with it.

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