Monday, September 21, 2009

Better Picture of the granite

Here's a much better picture of the volga blue granite along with the description:
Type: Granite
Surface: Polished
Color: Blue
Secondary Color: Black, Green, Large Blue Crystals
Origin: Ukraine
Description: When the light catches the large blue crystals (up to 1" in diameter), there is a brilliant blue reflection. Similar to Emerald Pearl.
silk fusion:

AND the Silk Fusion, this is what I found on the internet about the technique:
This unique method bonds silk fibres into a lustrous kind of "felt" which can be gossamer and transparent or thick and opaque as leather. Because the fibres are unspun, silk's rich lustre and texture are captured.

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Donna Guy said...

Roz, don't stop posting. I check every couple days or so, just to see how things are going with your new house. I am even jealous of how nice it looks. Any body would be trilled to live in it. Hey, you might want to cook a dinner now and then for friends or family. So the cook stove is needed.
Bet you can't wait to get it all done and can sew and knit again. Hey, you have to find a place for the 970. How about the garage in nice weather? Maybe down the road you could make a room in the extra car stall for a knitting room. I did that in our last garage. Now I have a 24 by 25 room downstairs that used to be our office when we built this house.
Keep up the postings.
Donna Guy