Friday, September 11, 2009

New House Shaping Up

Today I took it easy after working hard to find all my stuff. Still can't find phone and comforter for bed but maybe tomorrow. I tried to just open boxes today and look in them for the missing stuff but no luck.

I got a new electric range today. One more appliance is coming and then the new countertops. Here's what I have so far, a fridge, range and microwave. Dishwasher comes next week. Here's my kitchen so far:
And my living room and dining room is coming together. I need curtains on the 2 corner windows in the living room and want to change the curtains in the dining room but they're OK for now, I'm not sure what I want to do with that bay window. Initially I thought I wanted drapes but now I'm thinking maybe not.

Forgot to put up a picture of my garage, this is after I've unpacked what seems like a ton of boxes, keep in mind this is a 2 car garage.


jandrews112 said...

Roz, I just got a look at your photos and your new home looks so comfortable and cozy. I wish you much happiness there.

Sue Andrews

jpirkle said...

Nice Garage, with a two car space you will have it organized in no time. That gives you plenty of places to keep seasonal stuff like Christmas things or just storage. That new place is very nice now that you are moving in. If I ever get close enough I'll call. Juli from Sew Weird designs is in Jackson area.My mom and sister live in Sterling heights (where I grew up after being born in Detroit).