Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Guest Room and Wall Hanging

I finished my guest room (which WAS my knitting room) and a wall hanging to hang in it, just in time for a visit from my daughter who lives in Tacoma.  Yaaay!   Got the wall hanging done just before I went to airport to pick her up. Here's a picture of the hanging
The room turned out nice I thought.  I went to the local Comfort Center and bought a futon and the guy threw in a "better" mattress for it than the cheapie that was on it.   I love it.   Naturally, the color meant I needed to sew the wall hanging onto a red background.   Here's the finished room with the hanging  and a second picture to show a little more of the room.  The lady who lived here before me had a carpenter husband and grandson and apparently they built the nice inset with shelves beside the window.  Its perfect for some of my knickknacks, which include a couple of the bunnies that prompted me to knit the bunny that I posted the pattern for in my last post.  Lucky enough, one of the bunnies is wearing a red plaid dress so she goes with the room :-)

I can still put my knitting machine back in that room, its legs are on sliders so its easy to slide to different rooms, it is presently in MY bedroom but I don't like it there because I tend to put clothes and "things" on it and even though its covered, that's not a good practice.   Besides, my bedroom isn't as bright as this room and I don't have a lot of company so its a better place all around for my knitting machine.

I learned a lot with the wall hanging, mostly about stabilizers, I used some of my fabric stash because I had a lot of the blue cotton that I sewed the squares on. The cotton was fairly thin and I used a medium tearaway on it but should have either used 2 layers of the tearaway or better yet, a fusible.  Reason:  The pattern shifted on a couple of the squares.  Actually, one of the squares came out larger than the others and didn't quite fit...naturally it was a center square so I had to do a lot of fudging.  If I had more fabric I would have done that square over but already had to do 2 over again so ran out of fabric.   Lesson learned!    But in the end it turned out ok and I like where its living although originally I was going to hang it out on my front porch.   NO WAY!  It has to live in the guest/knitting room.

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