Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jan Burch -Two Woven Placemat Patterns

Photo shows the hexigon placemat I knitted with Jan's pattern & another use for Jan's placemat
I recently received all of Jan Burch's patterns.   You may remember Jan as one of the people who constantly helped people on this group and earlier groups such as CompuServe and others.   Very recently Jan fought and lost the battle of Lung Cancer but before she passed away I called her and offered to sell her remaining patterns with the option of sending all money received from the sale of Jan's patterns to the American Lung Association.  Jan, her husband and children all agreed this was the perfect legacy for Jan.    

Jan had a pattern for woven placemats, written for a Toyota Punchcard Machine but you can knit weave it on any machine as far..  The first placemat is a rectangle which she states should be at least 19 X 13 inches and if you add a fringe will be increased by 1 inch on each side.   The second placemat in the pattern is a  hexagon,  she did not add a fringe to it however she states it also should measure 19 x 13 inches.   

Jan's pattern calls for Tamm 3 ply or Yarn Country 2/12 for the background yarn and worsted weight yarn for the weaving yarn but honestly you can use anything you like when you weave as we all know.   Just make sure the yarn won't shrink or matt up when you wash it.  
I have scanned Jan's 2 placemat patterns into a 2 page PDF and will sell it as I did the poncho via email after a payment from PayPal.    

If you would like to purchase the Placemat Patterns please send me $3.00 via Pay Pal to my email address:  and I will email you the patterns.     Remember, all proceeds will go to the American Lung Association in her honor.  We have donated $400 already to them in Jan's name with a beautiful card sent to her family.  I'll do the same with this pattern.


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