Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Have you tried the Mystery Pattern yet? Well, its not too late to make it and here's why:

Donna-Jean in Ohio made this one, she said she had a lot of fun with it.

Clarisse from AZ says, I especially liked that I got an instant small pillow :)

Roz's Mystery, filled with fluff and a little potpourri, its hanging over the mirror in my car. (sock yarn by called "Cupid's My Hero") Check out how that color striped even when I shortrowed..way to go Ray!

And I saved this one for last's why its not too late to knit your Mystery. Joan DelPozzo, Wales, ME says, This is themystery patten with all numbers cut in half. I can't take credit for thinking of this. My former dealer came up with the idea. The hat is based on the Marian Reynolds fruit hats.

Update--February 19th--Natalie decided to knit a shamrock after she saw the hat above. She and Melissa are going to put a pin on it and wear it on March 17th. What a good idea.......
Well, the Mystery is out but its still not too late to knit yours. Whether you make it red, pink or green or purple!!! we want to see it. Send Pictures!!!!

WAIT! did you miss the Mystery Pattern? Go HERE . We can't wait to see yours!

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