Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's February

I've spent the entire week working, not for pay of course. First I finished my little faux leather top cabinet, then I helped a friend set up a bookkeeping system and I hired a real estate company to sell my house. Boo Hoo, I've been dreading this because this means I have to clean the loft up and put up my toys. I have decided I have to live here though so whatever I'm doing at the time will be out, the rest will be put away (someplace). If I didn't live in the humid South, I'd put things in the garage but since I can't do that there's no option other than packing the boxes and here they sit!!! Oh well, its time to get on with it.

Remember, its February which means its Mystery Pattern month. Do send me pictures if you solve the Mystery. I'll post them, along with mine, here soon.

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