Sunday, March 16, 2008

2 UFO's On Saturday

At Christmas time I was trying furiously to finish up presents for local relatives while I was also trying to get ready to leave for Tacoma. One niece got left out in my rush. I promised her I'd get her present done as soon as I got home from Tacoma but here I am, over 2 months after Christmas and I still haven't delivered her present. Maybe it was meant to be, she's moving from a camper to a house in the next couple weeks. They're really excited and working to get the house painted and fixed up before they move in. So--I decided to get that throw finished and make it for the new house. I picked a design that was on sale this week at Embroidery Library. I think its perfect.

Meanwhile, I am still working on the Felted Foursome. I probably could have finished it if I had worked on it while the machine was embroidering but instead I was reading a I took the foursome to the Mill rather than my spinning wheel since bad weather was predicted and I didn't want to get the wheel wet.

I am definitely going to finish it today, I can't wait to felt it. BTW, people at the mill couldn't figure out what it is...they all said, it did look like ...something...maybe a bit obscene???ROTFL Good think I took the book so I could show visitors the picture of what it is going to look like (hopefully)


Miki & Dale said...

Ha ha! It looks kind of like a bra for a very special alien woman......*G*

Roz said...

Yah, it looks a bit obscene but finished, its great, I'm going to go around the house and collect all my spindles and decorate it with them. I've decided to leave the plastic glasses that I used to shape the 2 (shorter) ones and I'll put fleece in the glasses so I'll always have something to spin handy.