Monday, March 17, 2008

Foursome's Done (almost)

There it is, 4 buckets and a handle with a twist in it. But I've spent all day trying to figure out how to sew it together. Supposedly I'm going to sew the inner parts together. I've looked at the picture in the book and the picture on the web site and I'm still not exactly sure what to do but I've sewn it 3 times now...all 3 times it didn't seem right. I'll get it. The book has a smaller picture of it but I found a better picture here:

I was hoping I'd find directions for sewing it but no such luck although the book is pretty specific, I'm just having a hard time following directions. I probably need some chocolate and wine!

Meanwhile, I've been looking on ebay whenever I rest my needle from the Foursome. I ended up with a needle felting kit to make a Maltese Dog. Soooo cute. I hope mine turns out this cute. I think I'm going to take it to Michigan and let the grandaughters help me make it. When finished I'll knit a Cat Bordhi mobius dog bed for it. This kit was Item # 270218984758 . I've been looking at them now for a few weeks and today I couldn't resist any longer.

OH, did I forget to say I also bought a finished dog? Well, I miss my dogs and while the house is for sale, I hesitate to get another one, even a small one for fear they'll mess up the furniture or floor or, well I'm trying to keep the place clean. (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it). The finished Matese was Item # 230231548973 and if you want one, she does have more dogs. I'm tempted but I'll see how mine turns out first. Here she is, she measures only 3" long x 3" high to the top of her topknot. She's made of White merino wool and 100% Cultivated Silk. Her pink bow sports a Pink Swarovski Rhinestone set in a silver jewel finding.

Hopefully sometime tomorrow I'll have a picture of a felted Foursome to show.

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