Wednesday, April 9, 2008

He's Here!

The baby came home with me today. When the girl drove up with him couldn't believe how beautiful he is. I strapped him into his car seat and off we went to Pet Smart. I had bought pink collar and leash so traded it for black with rhinestones (of course). Also got him some food and a water bottle because it was hot today and he was panting. I had taken a polar fleece blankie with me and was really glad because he got sick on the way home, luckily he got sick on the blankie, not the car seat. After all, poor baby has never ridden in a car, let alone up curvy mountain roads. His hair is so silky and shiny, its like an angora goat's hair except its straight. Gee Wizz, if the groomer cuts any of this I might have to spin it. Here's some pictures of my little beauty (Lindsey, my GD suggested we call him Biscuit. I like that name although everyone in Pet Smart stopped to pet him and wanted me to call him Snowball. He's petigreed and a lot of his family lineage had Christmas in their name. Since he was born on December 20, we're calling him Christmas Biscuit, Biscuit for short.

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