Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Maltese Puppy is Mine

What a cute face, I hope they snapped that pix quick, the little girl looks no bigger than the puppy and these puppies are small.

Check out that fuzzy coat.
Isn't he cute? The people who approved my adoption for the female 2 yr old Maltese never called me back to set up a time to meet them after telling me they'd meet me on my way home from the airport Monday. I was a little leary about them anyway because they didn't want anyone to know where they live and they approved that adoption awfully fast. Another rescue group that I called said they were great and to go ahead even though she had a dog I was interested in. So---when they didn't call me back I decided those people were a bit risky!
Meanwhile, I went to Google and searched for Maltese SC and found this site: . Its a little like Craigs List but maybe easier to find things there. Listed in my area was a little 17 wk old puppy in a city very close to my home. I emailed the lady and she is going to have him groomed and ready for pick-up today. I'm so excited. Only hitch is I have a dentist apt at 2:30 and if I get out in time I can meet her, otherwise it will be Thurs morning so I'm going to tell the dentist to HURRY!
Its up to the grandkids what I'm going to name him. Watch for more later. I'm so excited I'm thinking about calling the dentist and asking him if he'll skip lunch and just hurry me up...
Puppy 1

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Monsters Mom said...

Super cute! Lets name her Marshmallow...