Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our second attempt at Needle Felting

Lindsey and I decided to try our hand at needle felting again today. This time, rather than working together we each worked on a dog. Lindsey's family has 2 golden retrievers so she took a look at her dog and made one, laying down just like hers does. I told her she should felt some hair from her dog but she said no, this one is a puppy and not real hairy yet. My little dog is a terrier of some sort. I'm calling him a Terrier Mutt.

Both of us are learning how to do this and we've decided that there's just no "one way" of doing it. She is using a clover tool to make the base and then a regular needle felting needle for the fine tuning. I'm just using the regular needle tool, I have no idea which size, I just took one out of the pack and went for it. I suppose now I should really learn which needles do what and work accordingly.

This could be addictive. I can't wait to get home and take a look at all the fleece I have stored in my loft. I know for a fact that the Beast fleece will make a dog like my Susie that I had to give away back in November before I started traveling around visiting my kids.


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Anonymous said...

These puppies are adorable. I have been curious on the needle felting myself. Will have to try it soon. Will be watching you for more info. Especially on the after washing.

Linda W.