Saturday, April 5, 2008

Petfinder found a pet for me

This is Georgia, she's a 2 yr old Maltese, presently residing in a pet rescue in a town close to where I live. I found her on Pet Finders and submitted an adoption application for her.
There's also a dog named Fancy that I like but I pretty much wanted a Maltese. I'm going to go meet her on Monday. This little dog will require grooming but I suspect I am going to keep her hair cut into a "Puppy Cut" which will be easier to maintain.

I can't wait to meet her, she's sooooo cute. My grandaughters and I have already renamed her as GEE GEE. Unless there is something horrible about her that I can't tell from the picture or write-up she'll be going home with me. I'm going to stop at Pet Smart and get a car seat so she can ride with me when I travel around. I'm excited!!

I need to add that the dog I loved so much and had to give away was a Louisiana Catahoula. These dogs are bred to hunt wild boar in Louisiana. That's fine for where I live now, we also have wild boar in our woods surrounding my house and we also have bear and deer. I found out my beloved Susie was keeping the deer out of my yard because now that she's gone the deer have eaten all my azaleas. I don't mind, DNR says they are starving in our mountains because of the long drought we've had so if my azaleas help them that's ok with me.

The thing is, Susie could stay with me because I'm trying to sell my house. She barks at anyone who drives up my driveway...not something you want when you're selling your house. She also is way too big to move to an apartment in the city. That's the biggest drawback to Susie, I'm moving to a city apartment. Susie would be miserable in such a setting. Her new home has acres and acres to run in. She doesn't have to be tied up. She loves her new owner and I GAVE him my golf cart which Susie absolutely, dearly loves. She sits in the seat next to her new master and rides all over the place, barking at his other dog so that he won't get in. Its HER golf cart she figures. He said she comes from wherever she is, even if she's half way across his pasture..when she hears that golf cart beeping.

So, hopefully you'll understand that even though I loved Susie so much and hated to give her away, its best for her and the new dog is supposedly the perfect pet for apartment dwellers.


Anonymous said...

Your knitting projects are quite nice. What caught my eye is the cute little puppy in the picture where you say pet finders found you a pet. As I was reading back on your comments I saw a comment where you had given away a dog prior to traveling. Now you are getting another dog. I do find this disturbing. Are you going to give this one away also when it is no longer convenient for you to have a cute dog to drive around with? Perhaps you should rethink getting a pet.

Roz said...

I realized that I didn't explain giving away a dog and getting a new one which sounds pretty bad. I love dogs and our family has always had at least one. BUT Susie, the dog I gave away was a large dog, basically a hound who loved to hunt. Living in the woods was the perfect place for her to grow up but now that my DH has passed away, living in the woods isn't so perfect for me. I am moving to an apartment closer to one of my adult kids. All 3 of them live in the city. Hounds don't do well in the city, especially after they have been raised in the woods where they are free to roam. So I found her a new home with a good friend of my husband's. She can hunt, run around his huge property, play with his other dog, and sleep on his couch. What more can a dog ask for? I've been to visit her several times and I know she's as happy at his place as she was at mine. She follows him around whenever he goes outside and loves to ride in the golf cart with him. The look on her face when I've seen her, proves to me she's happy. She watches me drive off from their house but doesn't attempt to come with me. She's at home there now. And now its time for me to move on. Back to city living and probably an apartment.