Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I've been training Biscuit to live in a crate when I'm not home (he hates it) and sitting in the car with him for about 30 minutes twice a day trying to get him over his phobia of riding in the car. Poor thing got so sick the first couple days I had him, all my visions of riding around the world with him vanished. Well---for the time being anyway.

We now sit in the car and talk. I sometimes sing, accompanying the radio, to him--they say dogs love their masters no matter what so I'm sure he doesn't mind my singing. We have graduated this week to starting the car and me driving forward and backward up and down our short driveway. That makes him so nervous that he won't even take a "good Boy" treat. When we get out of the car I try to make the whole thing fun by letting him roam around the yard a bit, smelling everything to make sure nothing has changed while we were on our 30 minute journey.

When I'm not sitting in the car feeling like an idiot when someone goes by I've been cleaning out the cupboards in the loft. All I've found were an old pair of my husband's boots and a collection of little ducks that I once thought were sooooo cute and now wonder why I thought that. I'm keeping them though, I'm thinking they would make great models for needle felting.

I've thrown out 7 bags of shredded paper, carefully camouflaged in 2 layers of garbage bags. I took them to the recycle center and tossed them in household garbage rather than paper, because I had visions of a criminal carefully taping the shredded stuff back together to get my credit card or social security number....ok, so I have an avid imagination!!!

Hopefully I'll finish all the cleaning this week and I can get back to what I really want to do--embroider Biscuit a new blanket, needlefelt one of those ducks, finish knitting the sweater I started last winter, so that I'll have it for next winter when hopefully I'll be moving to Wisconsin where its considerably colder than South Carolina. Then I also have a shawl on the LK 150 that I really want to finish so I can get something else on it. In fact if I would hurry up and finish it I could put the HK sweater on it and finish that. I think that's the first project I'm going to do next week AFTER I finish the loft this week.

Why is it that life has to get in the way of fun? Confucius says: It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. OK Confucius, I'll stick with the job this week!!! Can't promise I'll keep it up next week though.

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