Saturday, April 26, 2008

There you have it, the 2 sides of washed fair isle. I did try pulling it apart and its not coming apart although I didn't try real hard. This is a hat and I think needle felting it might even make it a little warmer since its adding some fuzzy stuff to the inside. Maybe I'm wrong and I'll never know because it doesn't fit me, its the cement goose's hat Brows
Well I suggest after this experiment, if you do something in fair isle, maybe you should try this on the swatch first. It didn't hurt my hat on the front, or the back, but this is only one piece. I do know Charlene Shafer suggested it originally in one of her newsletters and in one of her afghan books and I think its a great idea. As a reminder, I started it with a single needle and ended up buying a Clover Tool which is much faster to use for this sort of project.

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