Monday, May 26, 2008

New Baby

Yes, we have a new baby coming to our family. My grandaughter is expecting a boy in October!!! She already has a sweet little girl, Jada, and now a boy. Am I excited??? And I just got word yeserday that we may be expecting another baby around February. I'm excited for both families. Unfortunately both the daddys are in the military and this baby's daddy will be going to Iraq very soon. I pray he will be safe and that he can come home to his family quickly. The other daddy hasn't had official word yet and I'm praying he won't have to go. He also has a sweet little girl, Isabelle, and Isabelle needs him as does her new brother or sister.

I am finish going through my machine knitting books and have put more up on the web site ( 2 pages now. There are a couple sewing books, one is Sewing with Knits and one is Simplicity's Simply The Best Sewing Book. The first book covers a lot of things about buying knit fabric and how to deal with seams, stretch, etc. The second book covers the new electronic machines as well as chosing your fabric, overlocking the seams, etc.
My heart won't be broken if they don't sell. My problem I get these books out and realize I forgot I had them, I look through them, know why I bought them and almost put them back. Unfortunately, books are heavy and weight makes a difference when movers come. So I'm keeping my very, very favorite books and selling the ones that I bought, never used because I forgot them and probably would forget again once I get moved.
I have found a place to move to, just 5 minutes from Madison and about 8 minutes from Natalie and I'm looking at a 2 bedroom condo with a sunroom. The style I picked has the 2 bedrooms and the sun room all on one side. If its available when I move, of course. So you know where I'm thinking I'm going to be putting my machines...all on one side of the condo. I'm going to draw the dimensions of the rooms out on paper and measure my furniture to make sure I don't have too much stuff. If I do, its all about Craigs List and Freecycle. I don't want to have to buy more, smaller furniture but could if I have to. The place has a huge Community Room that can be reserved for things like the Quilt Guild .. they don't have a Knitting Guild yet but we know that can be arranged for.
Lots of excitement and changes going on in my life right now, don't you think? I wish it was all done and I could quickly move and get on with the fun things. But be patient, it will happen soon enough, as my mother used to say. Thumbs Up

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Kathryn said...

I'm glad there will be room for your machines at your new place. I can't imagine having to go through all my coned yarn, books, and machines to choose what stays and what goes. I think I will be living in my house for a long time.