Saturday, May 24, 2008

Page 2 added to my Moving Sale


I've just added page 2 to my Moving Page Sale. I wish I could keep it all but books are heavy and weight adds to the cost of moving...I'll probably start going to tons of seminars and replacing all these books as soon as I get settled in my new home. I heard there is a quilting club there already, and they are eager for me to come and start a knit club -- wait till they see the machines operating. I think the Wisconsin Knitting Machine Guild could dazzle them if we should meet in the huge dining hall a couple times with a machine or two for demo's.

What's for sale? Machine knitting books, a sewing on knits book, hand manipulated cables book, well, just about you-name-it, its there. Go to for page one. If you've already seen page one, go to for the second set of books I've got up. Today's another day, I'm still sorting and thinning out. Visit often.

Don't forget my EBay books. The Prolific Knitting Machine, and
The Tap Dancing Lizard,

Happy Memorial Weekend!!!

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