Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Tree guys came today and I'm now limbless in the backyard. This is so great, there's actually a bit of sun shining through to the ground which will help keep the yard drier and now I won't have to worry about tree limbs hurting the gutter guards that actually cost about as much as the tree limb job. Puppy is having a ball, they chipped all the limbs back into the yard and he's running around sniffing and carrying bits of tree pieces around in his mouth. Here's what the roof line now looks like minus the tree limbs, soooo different without them. Wow, the picture makes it look like I live in town, I'll go get a picture from the porch to show you I really do live in the woods still.

pix show before, after and woods behind fence


Monsters Mom said...

Wow....It really does look different! Wierd!

Roz said...

I know, I don't even like the "AFTER" pix but it had to be done. Yesterday there was a wind storm and you'd better believe I was glad those limbs were gone.