Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bernat Softee Baby Blanket

I know, you thought I was doing nothing but cutting trees, watching TV and otherwise wasting my time but NOT TRUE. I have a new great grandson due in October and I've been busy making a baby blanket. I don't normally crochet but I thought this was so cute I just had to try it. I show the original pattern picture on the left, its from Bernat's free patterns called "Double Diamond Crochet Blanket". So far I have 3 or 4 more blue marle squares to make and then the white squares, I should get it finished by Friday if I stick with it. I've got lots of blue marle and will have lots of white left but need some more of the darker blue and I'm picking that up today. The yarn is Bernat's Softee Baby.

I want to make EZs Baby Surprise Jacket on the LK 150 out of the blue and use the blue marle and white yarn for the stripes. I'm not going to try to do the cables this time because I'm not sure where to do them although I suspect its on the 2 edges but I need to get this finished because I want to make booties and a hat as well and if there's time of course I'll machine embroider something on the blanket and maybe the sweater as well.

Who knows, I may even make the little teddy bear before I'm finished (freebie on Bernat's web site as well). BUT my Grandaughter has a little girl and that little girl loves her doll so I think I should make her a sweater and hat for her doll as well. We'll see, I do have to keep the house clean for potential buyers and keep the yard up and all that rediculous stuff so we'll see how far I get.

PS If anyone knows how to join all these squares when I'm finished, please write me. The pattern says to make them all and then "join as shown" Unfortunately they have a graph for where to put the 3 colored squares but nothing to tell you how to join them. I don't think sewing them together would look so nice. PLEASE SOMEONE EMAIL ME...or put it in the comments so everyone who wants to try this will know the answer.


River Glorious said...

Don't sew them together with sewing thread. It will cut through the yarn eventually. You can whip stitch them together by putting the wrong sides together and sewing the back loops only (that would be the loops that seem to the the highest when you're looking at them at that angle).

Or, you can slip stitch them together, too, or single crochet them together. Me, I would pick the first, since it will look most like the orignal pattern and I like the look of it. Let me know if you need further help, and I'll send you a picture of what I mean.

Here are some links:

Teresa has a video:
Notice that she went under BOTH loops. You can go only through the outer loops so that the yarn doesn't come through. Test both ways and see which one you like best.

Monsters Mom said...

Grandma!!! How adorable!!! And I chose blue for the bedding and stuff for the baby. Its perfect! Thank you, thank you! I cant wait! And of course Jada would being thrilled having a cute little sweater for her doll. You sure are keeping busy. Arent you moving!? Are you all packed up?

BTW, I just sent you an email....