Saturday, November 22, 2008

Check out my little boy

Here he is, all clean. I let him soak overnight with Spray and Wash and then washed with Gain with Bleach. After the wash he was still pretty grubby so I poured Gain with Bleach on the worst parts and scrubbed him with a brush. Let him sit for a while with that to soak in and then washed again and this time also added bleach. I was absolutely surprised that all the dirt was gone this time. Unfortunately his hair is pretty bad and since I had thrown in a towel to wash with him and balance the load, he has a lot of towel fuzz in what hair is left. No matter, I'll brush that out with the doggie's brush and then make him a hat.

Next I want to show you something VERY SPECIAL. Jean McCain posted on the Knittingmachine group that she likes to make beads with clay and travels around always looking for clay but had never had any Georgia Red Clay. Well, I knew my neighbor's pond was surrounded with red clay so gather up a zip lock bag full and sent it to her. She sent me some beads back. I LOVE THEM! To make it even nicer, she sent me samples from Franklin County, Arkansas andOzark Arkansas Clay beads. My beads are pretty much one color but look at those that have the dark streak through them. Absolutely beautiful.
What makes these so special is that I never saw red clay until I came to SC back in 1960. Actually I hated it because it got in our clothes, on our shoes, on the house, car, etc. We couldn't wash it off. Now that I've been back so many times and finally live here, I have grown fond of the red clay. With these beads I will have a forever-memory when I move. Thank you soooo much Jean.
ps... 2 of them broke, so I quickly ran to the drug store and got some clear fingernail polish and gave them all this nice finish. I will keep them safe I promise.

And, check out that sculpture she made.