Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Check Out This Yarn

I love this yarn, Bernat Baby Jacquards. Its self patterning. I tried to match the patterns as I knitted each piece but it seems to be impossible. I almost matched it on the 2 fronts but gave up when I saw it wasn't happening. So, for the sleeves, I decided to make each one a different color. On the hood, I just decided to let it flow right from the ball of yarn rather than trying to unwind to a certain spot.
I really, really love the yarn. It comes in 8 different colors, and I don't like all of them but Love the Lemon Pie and Boo Berries, Spearmint and of course the one I used, I'm A Big Boy which is my favorite and the one I used for the sweater above.

The pattern was charted with Knitware, I used the Shaped Hood rather than the Simple Hood because I was getting an error with the Simple Hood, that it wouldn't fit on the neck that I chose. Since I didn't get the error with the Shaped Hood, I went with it. I had no idea which hood I preferred because I've never used the hood feature before. I'll use it again because I do like it and it was very easy to knit. The directions were great.


Monsters Mom said...

Grandma! The sweater is amazing in person! I cant wait to make him wear it tomorrow! Merry Xmas! Thank you!!!! *hug*

Karen said...

Its beautiful!