Friday, January 2, 2009

Great Grandaughter's Sweater and Hat

Finally! Jada is at that age where she does what she wants when she can get away with it so she refused to put her new sweater on for the first few days after Christmas. Finally!!! She posed in it and isn't she cute? These were made on the LK 150. The sweater is my daughter, Natalie's pattern ( If you'd like to buy the pattern, go to Machine Knit patterns, she wrote it for the standard gauge machine in size 2 to 14 but I used her figures and recharted it for the LK 150. The yarn was thin, probably a light sports weight. I suspect it would work on a standard gauge machine but sorry, I can't remember what it is, I think it was Caron. I do remember it came from Hobby Lobby and is pink with little purple flecks in it. (duh, CRS has set in).

I tried the Bickford Seaming that Marg Coe has taught us many times on the back
neck because the ribbing goes up one side to the center back and then up the
other side to the center back. There is a rolled edge and it looked awful with
mattress stitch, I couldn't get it not to make a lump so I tried the Bickford
and that worked. There's no big lump in the middle of the back neck. All the edges are rolled, I really, really like the rolled edge, it makes a nice soft edge instead of a fitted rib.

BTW you can see the sweater just after I finished it on the Nov 14, 2008 note below.

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