Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Pattern up on pineymountaincottage.com

Yes, its true, it's been nearly a year since I knitted anything worth talking about on my machines but suddenly just before Christmas I got in the groove again. I made my 2 great grand kids sweaters (which you can see below). But when my granddaughter sent me a picture of the 4 month old baby wearing his new sweater, I just had to put the pattern up so if you go to http://www.pineymountaincottage.com/babyhood.html
you can get the pattern.
And here's the picture that inspired me to get the pattern up


Heather Thompson said...

Awww! Roz, this is the best motivation in the world. I didn't know what your new pattern was but finally sat down to catch up on all the blogs tonight. So glad I did! I have a GK coming and am looking for inspiration as I peruse. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely cardigan! Unfortunately, the Piney Cottage website doesn't seem to be working anymore. Is the pattern available elsewhere? (No pressure, just asking!)

Roz said...

Piney Mountain Cottage has closed sadly but I charted the sweater with Knitware software. It was a standard cardigan with hood. Easy to do with Knitware directions.