Sunday, January 25, 2009

Update on Beaded Scarf

This is the first half of my beaded scarf. I'm not sure I like the different beads, I think it might look better if they were all the same sizes but I'm not taking it out now. The scarf is a cross between Tiny Toes Beaded Scarf kit that I bought in Asheville NC and a beaded fingerless glove in a book I bought. What I learned from the first one was that its a bit heavy and they grow longer with wear, something I might end up taking some rows out of this before I join it to the other side (you make the 2 separately and then graft together in the middle.
ps I know it looks like I didn't put some beads on but I did put them on, they're white and don't show up in the picture.

To graph, since I'm doing a garter stitch, I'm going to Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitters Workbook for directions on grafting in garter stitch. I'm not real good at grafting so need all the visuals I can get.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a scarfvest on the LK 150. Its a scarf that you wear as a vest. You'll see, when I get it finished. I'm weaving it on the machine and have made a gazillion samples because it keeps rolling up on the edges. I think I have solved that problem now, more later about it once I know for sure its solved.

Meanwhile, if you love to look at knitting projects, have a look at this

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